Reflecting Nature

A number of studies over the years have suggested that art that reflects nature can be incredibly important to our mental health. The study that stood out to me the most however was one conducted by the artist Mark Ware. Mark has been working with neuroscientists and psychologists to explore the effect the natural world has on people. 

His findings show that natural sounds and sights provoke a positive mental state which can drastically improve people’s wellbeing and can aid stress recovery. He states that “art is intrinsically linked to our interactions with the natural environment”. 

This is why this weeks #ArtWellnessActivity is to brave the cold and get into nature. I want you to find a tree that speaks to you and to either take a picture and paint it or to just sit down and draw it there and then. 

Being in nature will evoke a relaxing state.. combining it with the process of painting/drawing will really relieve any stress you are currently feeling.

Pen x

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