How challenges can improve productivity within Art

Have you ever sat down to start working on a piece of art, and felt stuck on where to start? No matter what you are creating, a blank canvas can be very daunting. It’s like putting on your gym clothes and driving to the gym, as this is often the hardest part. 

This is where a challenge can really help. If you haven’t heard of it, #Inktober has recently started up again. Inktober is a yearly challenge that invites artists to create a new drawing every day for the month of October. Artists are provided with a single word prompt for each day. 

This is just one example of an art challenge but there are many challenges out there that you can get involved in. There are a number of reasons why participating in an art challenge can help you improve productivity:

The work you make can be used as inspiration

Although you might have decided to participate purely for fun, what you come up with might surprise you. An art piece that comes out from a challenge can later transform into a series of works if you find the right one. 

No more decision making

The main difficulty when starting a new project is the decision making process. Having to decide what to paint, what medium to use, etc, can be very restricting in starting. Participating in a challenge removes all of these constraints. 

Art challenges are social

When participating in an art challenge you are opening up your social media audience as most challenges include a viral hashtag. This allows you to share your work with everyone participating or keeping an eye on the challenge. 


Penny x

Fall in love with the creative process

In my previous post I discussed the benefits of being creative from a physical and mental perspective, so I thought I’d use this weeks blog post as a way of inspiring you to put your creative side to work and get them paint brushes out. 

Some fellow artists quotes on the creative process and painting:

“Paint what you see, but feel what you paint” - Brian LaSaga

“I experience a sense of accomplishment when I complete a work, but it is the perpetual love of the creative process that drives my artistic growth” -Lisa Renner

“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary, when it is simply necessary to love” -Claude Monet

“Be fierce about your belief in yourself” - Britt Freda

“I love even the smallest thing of all and I paint it on a golden background and make it visible in order that it moves someone, even if I don’t know whom” - Ranier Maria Rilke

“Play, have fun and take risks. Someone, somewhere will always love your work. It’s not your job to like or love your work. Your job is to enjoy the process of creating it” - Wyanne Winter

“Give rise to your future through creative endeavor” - Judith Randall

“To paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize sensations” - Paul Cezanne

Make More Art

As I have mentioned in my last two blog posts, participating in art and making your own pieces of work can have a huge effect on your life for the better. There are both physical and mental benefits of art and the process of being creative.

In a world where we are all utterly consumed by screens, whether that be a television screen, computer screen or the one we find in our pockets, it is important to find some time away from the constant bombardment of information and to take some time for yourself… which for me is art. 

Art offers an outlet and a release from the screens and the messages. It allows you to take a minute to ignore all the incoming signals and create an outgoing one instead. Expressing yourself with art pauses the constant consumption and allows you to reflect and relax. It is a great distraction from any negative aspects of your life and creates time for yourself. 

All of the psychological benefits (decrease of negative emotions, reduced depression, reduced anxiety and stress, etc) then manifest into the physical benefits as you will find you have more energy to do the things you enjoy. Give art a go, you won’t regret it. 

Pen x

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