Worries and Happiness Collage

This week’s art wellness activity is for you to create a worries and happiness collage. 

It is a proven fact that what we think about most can become our reality. The more you think about something, the more prominent it will be in your mind and, ultimately consuming your attention. You know what it’s like, let’s say you buy a blue BMW and all of a sudden everyone has a blue BMW? The exact same goes for the things you worry about. The more it is in your thoughts, the more you talk about it and the bigger it becomes. 

The purpose of this exercise and blog post is to teach you that what you focus on matters. This is why making a happiness and worries collage is a really good way to fill your head with positive things, as well as throwing away the negative things. 

I want you to start with the worries collage. Draw something that constantly fills your thoughts and makes you worry. Once you have drawn that thing that worries you, tear it up. Putting it on paper is cathartic and ripping it up is a way to release it into the universe. Now that you have done the first step, now draw/paint/design something that makes you happy. This is a great way of reminding yourself of all the things you have to be thankful for.. once you have made the collage, treasure it and use it as a tool to remind yourself of happiness, whenever you need it.

Pen x

Art Wellness Activities

Last weeks Mandala activity for art mindfulness got me thinking… for the next few weeks I am going to be coming up with ‘Art Wellness Activities’ for anyone that is interested in using art as a method of therapy. 

The first task is pretty simple, I want you to start keeping an ‘Art Journal’. This isn’t just words on a page, it has the capability to be so much more. 

So what is an art journal? An art journal is a visual diary. Combining elements of painting, drawing, collage and written word, can create a contemplative experience that helps you focus on your emotional self-care. When starting off, think of your everyday life, your dreams and your fears. Just by expressing all of that onto a page you will have a better understanding of what is going on in your head. 

Just this simple task will help you begin to process your feelings and surrounding issues in a much better way. Helping with stressful situations, interactions and everyday experiences. 

Penny x

Mindfulness Art Activity

From exploring the internet on all things Wellness and Art Wellness I came across Quana Maddison, who like me is an artist that focuses on the mental benefits of art and the process of being creative. 

After reading a few of her blog posts her idea of a ‘Mini-Mandala Mindfulness Activity’ was something that really interested me. So I thought I would give all of my friends and family members the same task.

Trying this little art wellness and mindfulness activity helps promote self-awareness and relaxation from within. Wellness and mindfulness focuses on paying attention to the present moment, becoming fully aware of your senses and mental state. 

The mandala represents self-unity and are often used in meditation situations to help remove irritating thoughts and nourish the creative mind. 

With this task use a pen/paint brush and outline a circle. Then all you have to do is doodle within the circle, using whatever colour or shapes you want. If anyone gives this task a go, post it on my facebook page :) 



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