Reflecting Nature

A number of studies over the years have suggested that art that reflects nature can be incredibly important to our mental health. The study that stood out to me the most however was one conducted by the artist Mark Ware. Mark has been working with neuroscientists and psychologists to explore the effect the natural world has on people. 

His findings show that natural sounds and sights provoke a positive mental state which can drastically improve people’s wellbeing and can aid stress recovery. He states that “art is intrinsically linked to our interactions with the natural environment”. 

This is why this weeks #ArtWellnessActivity is to brave the cold and get into nature. I want you to find a tree that speaks to you and to either take a picture and paint it or to just sit down and draw it there and then. 

Being in nature will evoke a relaxing state.. combining it with the process of painting/drawing will really relieve any stress you are currently feeling.

Pen x

Mantra Drawing

This weeks #ArtWellnessActivity is for you to do a Mantra Drawing. 

What I want for you to do is to choose a positive phrase that means something to you. Write the mantra onto a sheet of paper and then add colours, and or symbols to illustrate the positive feelings it generates to you. 

Mantras give the wandering mind a focal point. They give you something to focus on when your drift off your path.. helping you always remember to inject positivity into your life. If you choose a mantra that really resonates with yourself it can improve the effectiveness of the mantra. 

Pen x

Outside Persona and Inner Self

Tension between the inner self and the outer self is common in the modern world we live in. Every one of us is often pulled in multiple directions each day and sometimes our actions and behaviours do not always match up with our core values as a result. 

Becoming aware of your inner self and the differences between that and your outer self is the foundation for good mental health. This is why it is a vital aspect to consider when working on improving the balance in your life. 

Problems often begin when the inner self and outer self are out of balance. This essentially means that you don’t quite match the two up.. you think one thing but do another. 

So, this weeks ‘Art Wellness Activity’ focuses on creating a better understanding between your inner and outer self. 

Decorate the outside of a cardboard box to represent the face you show the world. Then, decorate the inside to show the you that you hide from the world. It is important to note that it is okay if some of the elements on your box don’t feel positive, as it is all a self learning experience to better understand yourself. Even if you realise that you show the world a facade, it is more than fine. You are creating a safe space for yourself. 


Once you have finished decorating, fill the box with words or images that showcase your positive traits. 


Pen X

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